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Tropical plants

Good books


Thrift stores

Hand written notes

Romantic walks at target



When I’m not out photographing some of the most beautiful souls on the planet  you can usually find me at home chugging about 3-5 cups of coffee a day + listening to jazz music, and looking for an excuse to take an pre-lunch nap (I promise it’s a thing). But I also love to Hike, so I’ll wake up at the break of dawn to make time and ground myself in nature. 

 I'm Linda,

I want to build genuine connections with every person in front of my camera to tell your story in the truest way possible. My passion is the purpose behind everything I do. I’m here to make sure you feel fully seen and deeply loved as I truly believe every love story is beautiful and worthy of celebration. And I’d be honored to help you document yours.

 I would like to add that I am not the photographer for everyone. I'm for those who are passionate about the in between moments, who prefer mood & love over technically correct, I’m the kind of photographer that is far from traditional, I love it when clients are up to get a little dirty, and aren't afraid to run around or hike up hill to get a killer shot.  If you connect with that, I'd love to hear from you!