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C R E A T I V E    T E A M.

One Stop Shop.

D E S I G N  &  S T Y L I N G

Hello I am Adri, I love Designing and styling weddings and Events . At the age of 15 I began working at a bridal boutique shop and learned everything about weddings. My passion grew and started working on my knowledge of events, studied under event planners and worked towards beginning my own company. I began doing dessert tables and baking my own treats, bringing a sweet memory to each celebration. My gifts of organization, attention to detail, creative imagination, and concept on design have helped me execute flawlessly an amazing experience for not my clients but each of their guest. Come book with us and let us be part of your next event , we want to create a unique and personalized experience.

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My name’s Sal and I’ve been producing my own videos since my teenage years in the 90s. At the age of 14 I picked up my dad’s camcorder and began filming my own music videos and short skits. My obsession and education with making videos got me to work with people I used to look up to when I was a kid. I love telling stories through ordinary people. So whether you’re getting married or welcoming a newborn to the world, let me capture it on camera.

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E V E N T  C O O R D I N A T O R

Hi, my name is JayJay and I’ve been an event coordinator for 4 years now. I coordinate events ranging from weddings to graduations to blood-drives… You name it. The first event was my sister’s wedding, where I realized my passion and the amount of energy and detail that goes into any special event. I know that every event includes a lot of planning, arrangements and financing. My goal and my passion is to ensure that on your special day, your event stays on track, all attendees have great time, and You get to enjoy all the hard work and planning that has gone into this one day. I look forward to making your event memorable for you and your guest, after all it’s Your special day.

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